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“I had once believed that I was bound sooner or later to encounter him but I had never done so, and it had began to seem unlikely that I ever would. Then one day when you least expect it, you meet someone – your twin soul”

Self constructed, self destructing American Tech Magnate Peri is caught sailing through regurgitating winds along the Italian Riviera.

Contemplating his fate after bitter news threatens his reputation and that of his duty-bound empire, when he forays on the rugged cliffs of Cinque Terre to a desolate fishing village and spies for the first time an antiques store where he meets a fawn of a woman, English Art Curator Qamari, dying to survive.

While admiring a soon to be auctioned magic ring, Qamari enquires “how does it make you feel?” an intuitive hunch tells him she’s familiar and he spontaneously proposes a lunch invitation.

Anchored adrift on a sorrow June afternoon, the socially indifferent duo, companions in isolation, confide in each other about life. An encounter that leaves them questioning everything they once knew about life’s coincidences.

By mistake or design?

A summer that will change their life paths on a quest for the magic ring

“Nobody, a letter I thought, has time to write. To spell, an effort replaced by half-hearted multi-lettered acronyms. And you, abbreviated to a singular “u” write me an intimate thing of Madame De Sevigne long gone”

Weaved with a cross-cultural story  across Japan about fear & acceptance




With special thanks to the team over at DBLR Media

This is a demonstration of a Second Screen App on LG devices directly linked to our movie


The intention of this demonstration is for the purpose of sharing ideas.

so in life claims no association, is in any way affiliated or connected to the mentioned brand. We have chosen Burberry due to iconic brand heritage, new developed markets in Asia, and their leading contribution in merging style with tech. 

The App has two purposes:

1. Show general information regarding the film Trailer, Cast, Photos, Music, Lifestyle Products featured in the film, effectively turning the film into a launch pad for lifestyle brands that sell products and experiences carefully curated for the global consumer.

2. The Second Screen (user mobile device) When the film is playing, it sends content and lifestyle products which are featured in the film to the mobile devise for the viewer to  interact with and consume.


International Collaboration

Co-Producer & Writer: British

Director: China

Exec Production US

Low Budget available on disclosure

so in life the movie is an independent low budget production & has been a concept in the making for sometime now. We are in the process of connecting our production team. And the script? Last time it was seen was at the Trump Building on Wall St when it was handed over to the PA to a team of potential investors.

Images Credit: @pinterest